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Buy an Investment Property

Our approach for buyers

Are you an experienced property investor looking to add to your portfolio?

Or  are you considering investing in property for the 1st time? 

Traditionally what you would need to do…

Begin looking and find a suitable property
Compete for the property (1 in 3 properties go to a closing date)
Arrange an entry date and wait for the owner to move out- Likely part of a chain.
Make the property compliant: Gas Safety Certificate, Electrical Installation Report, Energy Performance Certificate, Comply to Smoke Alarm regulations.
Redecorate/mild refurbishment to make the property attractive to potential tenants.
Find a tenant.
Unknown tenant payment history
Agree entry date and wait on tenant moving in 
Receive 1st month rental!

To receive that 1st month rental on your investment property costs you time and money.

On average it takes a landlord between 4-5 months from deciding to look for an investment property until they receive their 1st month rental. 

At We Sell Rented Property we have a better solution.

We are a landlord-to-landlord specialist agency.  All our properties are investments.

 We ONLY sell investment properties. So we know what you want and need.

All the properties that we sell have been fully vetted.
No Chain. 
Don’t get caught up in a closing date. 
Fast completion once offer accepted.
A reliable, dependable, compliant source of income from day 1

The majority of our properties are sold  off-market to our registered investors. 

So if you’re looking for an investment property, get in touch today.  

Let us know your requirements and we will send you suitable properties today. 

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